Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday by Rebecca Black...LOVE it or HATE it (part 2)

i went around and asked 22 people about if they know the song 'Friday' by Rebecca Black and these are the results:
HATE=8,  LIKE=1,  OKAY=2,  DON'T KNOW=11.
so eight people hated it out of the 22 people. one person liked it out of the 22 people. two people thought that the song was okay and 11 people out the 22 people didn't even know the song. here are some of the comments and things that i have heard about the song:
"i hate it so much. every time it comes up the radio, i turn the radio off. though the song is catchy" -anonymous #1
"she's 13 and she doesn't wanna go to school and she thinks FRIDAY is the best day but, there's always friday the 13th. i hope someday she'll die on friday the 13th." -anonymous #2
"what's that song? does it show on C4?" -anonymous #3
"ugh! i hate that song. great, now it's stuck in my head." -anonymous #4
"huh? Friday? yeah, i like it". -anonymous #5
"the song's okay but if you keep listening to the song, it's kind of like annoying". -anonymous #6
these people didn't allow me to mention their names so i didn't.
so if you have any comments on this, please feel free to do it. :)

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