Sunday, March 27, 2011

Confused??? Read this....

have you been in the situation where you always see the person you like but you're not feeling comfortable around them or you don't know what to do??? well, maybe i can give you guys some tips about how to act around the person you like.
first of all, don't make it so obvious that you like him/her. don't ignore them or walk away when they're trying to talk to you.
second, just act cool and you never know, maybe they like you back.
third, if you want to tell him/her that you like them, don't tell them. find out first if they like you back because i know that you don't wanna get hurt.
fourth, if you find out that they DO like you back then let them tell you first just to make sure. if they're gutless and too chicken to tell, then don't waste your time liking that person because there are others out there waiting for you.
fifth, if you always see or hang out with the person you like, then don't feel awkward. still talk to them and hang out with them. like i said before, don't ignore them and stuff...
and last, if you really wanna tell them even though you know that they don't like you back and that you're gonna get hurt, then tell them. if you're not gonna get hurt and it's okay for you then tell them. that person doesn't know how lucky they are to have a person liking them.
So that's it!!! If these things don't work out, then, you should probably ask advice from you mum (mom)...
:) thnx!!

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