Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bus chaos!!

as i was sitting in the bus yesterday, i had noticed that the people at the back were so calm and quiet and were just talking amongst themselves and the people in the front (where i was sitting as well) were so noisy and loud and so....i dunno how to describe them. anyway, this girl started throwing paper at this girl and the next thing i knew, most people were throwing paper to other people.
it was going on for a while until a yr 12 told them to go 'PICK UP THE PAPER!'. it was a mess. and guess what else??? the students that were in the bus with me were loud, noisy and rude at the same time. my friend told me that when i left the bus, the driver stopped at the wrong bus stop, (like 5 metres away from the actual stop), and they were like 'WRONG BUS STOP!' or something like that. i think that's just mean. if they're gonna be mean to thr driver, then don't take the bus....right???
anyway, that's the bus chaos. if anything like this happens, don't get involve , just stay cool and don't make eye contact with the people involve. they're gonna look at you and think that you want to get involve. so that's all y'all.....

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