Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday by Rebecca Black...LOVE it or HATE it???

have you heard the song 'Friday' by Rebecca Black???
what did you think of it???
i had noticed that most people have not been liking the song. some say the song  has no purpose, like, it teaches nothing because it has sentences like "saturday comes after friday" and more. "uhh, duh!! like we don't know that." i had heard someone say....and some say that her voice is, what you call 'squeaky'.
i had heard on the radio that Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga thought that this song was a genious. they have been saying good comments about this song.
the fact that Rebecca wants to sing with her singer idol, Justin Bieber 'Fever', it makes people to like her less.
so the question is...if you have heard this song 'what did you think of it'???
do you HATE it or NOT???

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