Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bus chaos!!

as i was sitting in the bus yesterday, i had noticed that the people at the back were so calm and quiet and were just talking amongst themselves and the people in the front (where i was sitting as well) were so noisy and loud and so....i dunno how to describe them. anyway, this girl started throwing paper at this girl and the next thing i knew, most people were throwing paper to other people.
it was going on for a while until a yr 12 told them to go 'PICK UP THE PAPER!'. it was a mess. and guess what else??? the students that were in the bus with me were loud, noisy and rude at the same time. my friend told me that when i left the bus, the driver stopped at the wrong bus stop, (like 5 metres away from the actual stop), and they were like 'WRONG BUS STOP!' or something like that. i think that's just mean. if they're gonna be mean to thr driver, then don't take the bus....right???
anyway, that's the bus chaos. if anything like this happens, don't get involve , just stay cool and don't make eye contact with the people involve. they're gonna look at you and think that you want to get involve. so that's all y'all.....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Confused??? Read this....

have you been in the situation where you always see the person you like but you're not feeling comfortable around them or you don't know what to do??? well, maybe i can give you guys some tips about how to act around the person you like.
first of all, don't make it so obvious that you like him/her. don't ignore them or walk away when they're trying to talk to you.
second, just act cool and you never know, maybe they like you back.
third, if you want to tell him/her that you like them, don't tell them. find out first if they like you back because i know that you don't wanna get hurt.
fourth, if you find out that they DO like you back then let them tell you first just to make sure. if they're gutless and too chicken to tell, then don't waste your time liking that person because there are others out there waiting for you.
fifth, if you always see or hang out with the person you like, then don't feel awkward. still talk to them and hang out with them. like i said before, don't ignore them and stuff...
and last, if you really wanna tell them even though you know that they don't like you back and that you're gonna get hurt, then tell them. if you're not gonna get hurt and it's okay for you then tell them. that person doesn't know how lucky they are to have a person liking them.
So that's it!!! If these things don't work out, then, you should probably ask advice from you mum (mom)...
:) thnx!!

Friday by Rebecca Black...LOVE it or HATE it (part 2)

i went around and asked 22 people about if they know the song 'Friday' by Rebecca Black and these are the results:
HATE=8,  LIKE=1,  OKAY=2,  DON'T KNOW=11.
so eight people hated it out of the 22 people. one person liked it out of the 22 people. two people thought that the song was okay and 11 people out the 22 people didn't even know the song. here are some of the comments and things that i have heard about the song:
"i hate it so much. every time it comes up the radio, i turn the radio off. though the song is catchy" -anonymous #1
"she's 13 and she doesn't wanna go to school and she thinks FRIDAY is the best day but, there's always friday the 13th. i hope someday she'll die on friday the 13th." -anonymous #2
"what's that song? does it show on C4?" -anonymous #3
"ugh! i hate that song. great, now it's stuck in my head." -anonymous #4
"huh? Friday? yeah, i like it". -anonymous #5
"the song's okay but if you keep listening to the song, it's kind of like annoying". -anonymous #6
these people didn't allow me to mention their names so i didn't.
so if you have any comments on this, please feel free to do it. :)

Christchurch earthquake and Japan earthquake and tsunami...

the devastating earthquake in Christchurch and in Japan had a major impact. this affected friends and families of those who had been injured or who had died. the Christchurch earthquake was followed by aftershocks and this has been a really hard time for the people of Christchurch.
the earthquake and tsunami of Japan had been also devastating. many lives were taken and many people had lost their loved ones and some people were missing. buildings came crashing down but the japanese people stayed strong and tried to help those who needed their help even though they needed help themselves.
these two events were showed around the world and people around the world are trying to get help or trying to help them themselves. please send your thoughts and prayers to Christchurch and Japan.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday by Rebecca Black...LOVE it or HATE it???

have you heard the song 'Friday' by Rebecca Black???
what did you think of it???
i had noticed that most people have not been liking the song. some say the song  has no purpose, like, it teaches nothing because it has sentences like "saturday comes after friday" and more. "uhh, duh!! like we don't know that." i had heard someone say....and some say that her voice is, what you call 'squeaky'.
i had heard on the radio that Simon Cowell and Lady Gaga thought that this song was a genious. they have been saying good comments about this song.
the fact that Rebecca wants to sing with her singer idol, Justin Bieber 'Fever', it makes people to like her less.
so the question is...if you have heard this song 'what did you think of it'???
do you HATE it or NOT???